Who we are?

Our campsite remains authentic. We are neither a group nor a chain. Just a family, like many others, at the service of its customers. We bought the campsite on January 17, 2005 and we “almost” transformed everything…

The playground

We would have left this beautiful garbage room and then, we thought that the playground for the children in this central place, would be more nice to look at.



The Snack Bar

There was no snack bar. It was a garage. We diverted the road, put an arbour, enlarged with a wooden terrace and hop hop hop a little decoration and we imagine that the atmosphere will be here.

The Pool

The old playground behind the pool has been replaced by a new indoor pool with paddling pool and balneotherapy. 

The aquatic area

The outdoor aquatic area has also been completely renovated to provide a more playful space. 

The " Gigi's bedtime "

What has changed? Nothing except Mick’s look! The kids still have eyes full of magic. If there’s one thing you won’t see anywhere else, it’s this: “Gigi’s Bedtime”. 


For us, there is something very important: THE FAMILY.      We started the snack bar with “the twins”, my brothers, who introduced the “tutoiement” of ALL the customers and thus contributed to create a family and authentic atmosphere. Tristan, our eldest son, managed the snack for 3 years with the support of his brothers and his girlfriend Léa. In 2023, Romeo and Pauline will take over the job, still with the support of the family.

The Sanitary

A small refreshment of the sanitary facilities was necessary.

The story continues...

A beautiful family story that will continue because Tristan, our eldest son, and Léa, his girlfriend have started their training to take over the campsite in a few years.

Sylvie et Mickey Camping Les Chênes verts 4 étoiles